until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier (2016)

Single channel film loop

Exhibition history 2017 Members’ Exhibition, Outpost Gallery, Norwich, UK (group); Cairo Video Festival, Cairo, EG (film festival); Aesthetica Art Prize, York Art Gallery, York, UK (group); Synthetic Ecology, ONCA, Brighton, UK (screening); The 14th Cinema, Shoreditch, London, UK (group) 2016 OPEN16 Moving Image, Brighton Photo Fringe, Brighton, UK (group); Points of Departure, Estuary 2016, Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Essex, UK (group); RCA Show 2016, Royal College of Art, London, UK (group)

until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier (extract)

until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier is a site-responsive work that captures human bodies caught in cycles of unstable and unproductive gesture. Both they and the estuary landscape appear at a limit, on thresholds of action and inaction, of holding and releasing, falling and walking, expectation and arrival. All elements struggle to remain visible. There is a sense of attempting to see the unseen, the bodies inhabiting conditions of the site and the site exerting pressure upon the bodies.

film still

Performers: Nando Messias, Hollie Miller, Yuki Kobayashi
Camera: Paul Bates