until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier (2016)

Single channel film loop

until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier (extract)

until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier is a site-responsive work that captures human bodies caught in cycles of unstable and unproductive gesture. Both they and the estuary landscape appear at a limit, on thresholds of action and inaction, of holding and releasing, falling and walking, expectation and arrival. All elements struggle to remain visible. There is a sense of attempting to see the unseen, the bodies inhabiting conditions of the site and the site exerting pressure upon the bodies.

film still

Exhibition history:
Members’ Exhibition, Outpost Gallery, Norwich
Cairo Video Festival, Cairo
Aesthetica Art Prize, York Art Gallery, York
Synthetic Ecology, ONCA, Brighton
The 14th Cinema, Shoreditch, London
OPEN16 Moving Image, Brighton Photo Fringe, Brighton
Points of Departure, Estuary 2016, Tilbury Cruise Terminal, Essex
RCA Show 2016, Royal College of Art, London

Performers: Nando Messias, Hollie Miller, Yuki Kobayashi
Camera: Paul Bates

deep in the eye and the belly