(The Figure Was) An Enchantress... (2023)

Single channel film

Film still

A film by Hollie Miller & Sam Williams

Drawing parallels between the symbolic Green Man and the multiple figures of the Lady of the Lake from Arthurian legend, tracing back to their Celtic origins, through their transformations of plurality, gender, body and meaning; back through deviations, derivations and misinterpretations of languages and translation. The Lady of the Lake was Viviane, was Ninianne, was Nymenche; was Chwyfleian, Hwimleian, Chwibleian; who in turn was perhaps Gwyragedd Annwn. The figure was an enchantress, a wanderer of pallid countenance, was Wild Man, was body of water and boggy earth.

Film still

film still

A film by Sam Williams & Hollie Miller
Sound mastering by Craig Scott
Filmed in Salcombe, Devon, UK
with thanks to John Miller and Liz Millard

deep in the eye and the belly