Stay (2022)

Single channel video with sound


Stay is a new film made in collaboration with writer/choreographer Oluwaseun Olayiwola exploring grief, migration, queer desire, and the black body.

Film Still

"You are trying to listen for the heart in the mouth but the mind keeps getting in the way––It’s December. The cold has stripped the leaves from the birches in discolored ribbons of decay. Song and blood swirl, obstructions from which come an always impending guidance away from sight, from feeling––touch is a kind of seeing, you think, you’ve had a vision."

Film stills

A film by Oluwasuen Olayiwola and Sam Williams
Edit, Camera: Sam Williams
Text, Choreography: Oluwaseun Olayiwola
Sound: PJED
Commissioned by Studio 3 Arts
Special thanks to Samuel Ross

deep in the eye and the belly