See What I See (2020)

Single channel film

See What I See (extract)

See What I See is a documentary portrait of Norwegian artist, educator and collector Guttorm Guttormsgaard and his eclectic archive of art, craft, books and ephemera. Guttormsgaard recounts his thoughts on collecting, vision, art and place to me at home amongst his collection in the small town of Blaker, Norway. Through snippets of dialogue and layered imagery, the film becomes a conversation between myself, Guttorms and the countless objects in the collection.

Guttorm Guttormsgaard (13 September 1938 – 26 October 2019) was a Norwegian visual artist. From 1967 to 1973 he lectured at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and was appointed professor at the Norwegian National Academy of Fine Arts in 1980.

His public works include La hundre blomster blomstre (1973, in collaboration with ceramist Karin Eie Guttormsgaard), Labyrinten (1989–1993) at the University of Tromsø, and Havet og livshistorien for the Seville Expo '92. He is represented with works in the National Gallery of Norway, Riksgalleriet, Bergen Billedgalleri, Trondheim Art Museum, Stavanger kunstmuseum and other galleries.

A collector, he acquired the old dairy in the village of Blaker in Sørum, which he used as atelier and museum, and where he arranged numerous exhibitions. His collection of more than 20,000 artifacts has been donated to a foundation, Guttormsgaards Arkiv.

exhibition postcard collage

Exhibition history:
Oberhausen Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany
Swedenborg House Film Festival, London, UK
Visions In The Nunnery, Bow Arts, London, UK
SPERRA, Guttormsgaards Arkiv, Blaker, Norway

Sound by Craig Scott
Database clips by Lars Palgaard
With thanks to Guttorm Guttormsgaars, Nicholas Jones, Ellef Prestsæter,
Ola Sendstad.

A leaf opens. A foot touches a face