scars, scores (2018, ongoing)

video, performance to camera, drawing, sculpture

scars, scores is a short film made during a residency in the desert of Andalusia, Spain. Each morning I would embark on a walk through the baranca trails which once held bodies of water. I created a series of recordings and drawings improvised in response to the landscape which now exist as a collage of materials that I draw upon in more recent research.

The film contains references to a series of cinematic influences. The landscape contained many severed tree trunks. I would use them to mark time, pointing to the rings to add to the layers of images that includes Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, Chris Marker's La Jetée and Jan Schmidt's Late August at the Hotel Ozone (pictured).

L-R scars, scores; Vertigo; La Jetée; Late August at the Hotel Ozone

Throughout the residency I made a series of automatic drawings after each excursion, using chalk, wood and charcoal found in the landscape. These drawings now exist as 'scores' for repeated walks and remembered maps of the journies I made. A textile was produced of one of these drawings.

scars, scores (found chalk on recycled paper)

deep in the eye and the belly