Here and Not (2017)

Two channel video installation (loop)

Here and Not (extract)

Here and Not is a film installation made in collaboration with choreographer Joe Moran that locates the viewer within a dance work. Dancers navigate physical actions and perceptual puzzles whilst the camera moves within and lingers on the periphery of three choreographic phases. Presented as a double sided projection, the looped work activates its viewing by necessitating its audience moves around the work to view it.

Film still

Selected exhibiton: Thirst on NOWNESS Edit4, The Lowry, Manchester On The Habit Of Being Oneself, Sadlers Wells, London

Dancers: Alex Standard, Katye Coe, Samir Kennedy, Malik Nashad Sharpe, Christopher Owen, Owen Ridley-DeMonick, Hilary Stainsby,
Anne-Gaƫlle Thiriot, Pepa Ubera

Camera: Paul Bates
Assistant: Mateusz Kanownik
Runner: Vicky Samuel