Devil Zone (or, The Rock at the Water) (2018, ongoing)

Single channel video, drawing, collage

Film still

Devil Zone (or, Rock at the Water) is an ongoing film research project initiated during a residency at Art House on the island of Jersey. The work explores the connections between the vast intertidal zone, the range of pre-historic menhirs, dolmens and megaliths and the bunkers that remain on the island from the German Occupation.

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The film is 'narrated' by His Satanic Majesty, the washed up figurehead of the shipwreck in the shape of the Devil which inspired the statue that still guards Creux de Vis. His body is entangled in the nature and landscape of the island and the film attempts to enter His passage of time and His speculations on the histories of the future.

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"...the myth doesn’t repeat so much as it abducts individuals out of linear time and into its “own” time, in which each iteration of the myth is in some sense always the first time...The reader is abducted into mythic time.”

Mark Fisher "The Weird and the Eerie"

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