Secrets of the Open Sea (w/ Rosemary Butcher)

‘Secrets of the Open Sea’ is a collaborative work with choreographer Rosemary Butcher. A triptych video installation, it circles around the tension between loss and recovery and creates a sculptural and immersive experience around the concept ‘desolation of things past and decayed’. Rosemary Butcher’s inspiration for the choreographic material was the story of a small community in Beirut who had been lost at sea and whose identity was only established after photographs found under rubble following a demolition of buildings were analysed. References to and from the past remain integral to the work which functions as an active searching for lost legacies that the spectator engages in. Similarly, the handheld camera indicates another body in the space and creates a duet of searching with the performer (Lucy Suggate). The viewer encounters, circles, follows and abandons the moving figure as the material breaks down as it travels spatially across the three screens and temporally throughout the film; set to a haunting score by composer Simon Keep.

Selected Exhibition

Nottingham Contemporary (NottDance, Nottingham, UK)
Akademie der Künste (Tanz Im August, Berlin, DE)