Royal College of Art SHOW 2016

I am exhibiting ‘Until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier’ at the Royal College of Art MA graduate exhibition, opening 26 June 2016.

An installation comprised of two film works, Until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier (lending its title to the installation) and it is not the outside surface but the inside surface, set between an architectural sculpture reflecting the hoardings that surround the empty plots of land within the Essex estuary.

Until they feel – ahead of them – a barrier is a reflection on the the human body as a threshold between interior and exterior space. Taking place in the post-industrial estuary landscape, the figures, like the architecture, appear as ghosts caught in cycles of unstable and unproductive gesture. Both they and the landscape appear at a limit, on thresholds of action and inaction, of holding and releasing, falling and walking, expectation and arrival. All elements struggle to remain visible. There is a sense of attempting to see the unseen, the bodies inhabiting conditions of the site and the site exerting pressure upon the bodies.

it is not the outside surface but the inside surface treats the artist’s body as a semi-permeable membrane, a threshold space through which the landscape and elements pass. It is a frenetic, visceral exploration of skin, spit, mud, water and concrete. A violent mark on the calm surface of its counterpart.