Emptyset Project

Medium / Trawsfynydd / Kunsthalle Zurich / Fragment

Emptyset is an audio-visual production project in collaboration with James Ginzburg, Paul Purgas and Clayton Welham. Working across performance, installation and the moving image the project examines the physical properties of sound through electromagnetism, architecture and process based image making. The project reflects on analogue technology, Structural/Materialist making and the boundaries between noise and music.

Emptyset have presented films and installations at Tate Britain and the V&A Museum (London) and live performances at venues including Arnolfini (Bristol), Kunsthalle Zürich, Dampfzentrale (Bern), Berghain (Berlin) and Bergen Kunsthall.

Some of the video work is presented below:

Based in Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire, UK, the project explores the cavernous interior of this incomplete relic of the Gothic Revival. Medium considers the architecture through both sonic and audio processes. The project explores the central theme of architecture and incompleteness, framing the mansion as a frozen process.

Developed for Tate Britain’s Performing Architecture programme, the film was produced inside the decommissioned Trawsfynydd nuclear power station in Snowdonia, North Wales. Designed by the Modernist architect Basil Spence the power station is currently awaiting demolition scheduled for around 2083, the climax to the sites gradual dissolution over the next century. The film was conceived as a companion to Medium, though conversely the project explores a space that has finished its functional arc, opposed to a building never completed. The film adopts an anti-monumental perspective of the plants state, using structural film and video techniques to explore the site as processor rather than formal edifice. The piece considers alternative responses to architectural representation through film, avoiding the cultural impulse for the idolising of ruins, and instead exploring the vast power station as a site destined to be ultimately dissolved and returned to the earth.

Emptyset Live
The live shows seek to generate the video images in real time, relying on human control over pre-programmed material. Using analogue technology, broadcast signals are manipulated live on stage.

Selected Screenings and Performances

V&A Museum (London, UK)
Tate Britain (London, UK)
Berghain (Berlin, DE)
Arnolfini (Bristol, UK)
Kunsthalle Zürich (Zürich, CH)
Berhen Kunsthall (Bergen, SE)